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25 tablatures for Akercocke

Akercocke - Choronzon (9/10) - Great Britain - 2003

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Earache
Playing time: 54:44
Band homepage: Akercocke


  1. Praise The Name Of Satan (01)
  2. Prince Of The North (09)
  3. Leviathan (16)
  4. Enraptured By Evil (25)
  5. Choronzon (34)
  6. Valley Of The Crucified (41)
  7. Bathykolpian Avatar (50)
  8. Upon Coriacious Wings (59)
  9. Scapegoat (66)
  10. Son Of The Morning (75)
  11. Becoming The Adversary (84)
  12. Goddess Flesh (93)
Akercocke - Choronzon
True gentlemen these Britons are, no joke - look at their pics. Yet they play music that one wouldn't link to being a gentlemen. How to categorize that music is another thing though, because they play a very weird and special mix of styles: It's mostly Black and Death Metal with lots of melody at times and also some ambient passages but there are also some very brutal Grind passages to be found here and between all the vocal attacks there are some beautifully sung clear parts too. Interesting mix with an awesome outcome!

The CD starts with a fragment from a movie, after that hell breaks loose with "Praise The Name Of Satan", amazing Black Metal with brilliantly evil vocals, quickly after the beginning you hear some Death Metal parts and then the brutal Grind kicks in. Add to that some keyboards that are subtly used and you have some awesome music. One of the coolest things here is the vocalist, within a few minutes of the same track he can produce evil, cold Black Metal shrieks, change to Grind and finish with clear vocals, after that he continues with Death growls. Not only is he very diverse, the vocals simply sound fantastic too! Next instrument: the Drums, great too, high speed, brutal with lots of variety in the rhythm's. Now there's also melody to be found here and blinding guitar solo's take care of that. Together with some keyboards of course. As the album progresses is seems like the Grind vocals are used more often, in favour of the Black shrieking.

Well, most songs sound like mentioned before, but still very different from each other. It is pretty hard to describe everything so I would strongly recommend that you just listen to it, even if it might not appeal to you at first, because this album truly is something special! One of the most original albums I've heard in a long time. As a sidenote I should mention that this CD has a very creative copy protection system where they changed something with the track ID's, that means that this CD has 99 tracks even though there are 12 songs, so each song consists of multiple tracks. For an even more interesting experience, play this CD with the random function turned on! (Online January 3, 2004)

Milan Elkerbout

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