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Cynicon - Cybernetic (8,5/10) - Norway - 2003

Genre: Black Metal / Electro
Label: Spinefarm
Playing time: 35:22
Band homepage: Cynicon


  1. Cybernetic
  2. Astral Luminance
  3. Neutronomicon
  4. Intragalactic
  5. Presence
  6. Momentary
  7. Enlightment
Cynicon - Cybernetic
Of all the Metal genres, why do you think Black Metal is always the one that is mixed with electronic elements (well and Gothic Metal)? Why does the most brutal form of Heavy Metal always ends mixed up with beeps and peeps? Well, I don't know, but sure I like it!

So, I don't mind electronic music at all, but many of you do and many of you won't even bother reading this review because the word "Electro" in it… Well people, time to open up your mind to a genre that is gaining enormous popularity among Metalheads, Electro Metal! Not only …AND OCEANS and THE KOVENANT are playing this kind of Metal, beware because the genre is growing fast and new bands are arriving at the scene day by day! You'll be surprised to know how many!

So what do we have here? Not so brutal Black Metal, very riff-driven, typical shriek vocals, electronic elements, Industrial landscapes and wicked keyboards! Killer combo! And a helluva record! From the first song "Cybernetic" you're in for a treat! The aggressive riffing and the catchy chorus will hook you in at the first listen! But wait! Next song "Astral Luminance" pushes things forward and manages to create a magnificent song, with one of the most catchy choruses I've heard in a long time!

You can enjoy some clean vocals too! "Intragalactic" features really good clean vocals! "Momentary" a fast paced song with furious riffing and drumming, gives us a little twist in the vocals, featuring some falsettos á la King Diamond, interesting I must say…

This album is full of furious riffing, versatile vocals and catchy choruses, if you don't mind the electronic elements, you'll enjoy this as much as I did! Recommended to all of you that want to explore new genres of Metal, don't be shy, try out some Electro Metal. (Online December 18, 2003)

Enrique Congrains

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