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Viking Crown - Banished Rhythmic Hate (3/10) - USA - 2001

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Season Of Mist
Playing time: 47:03
Band homepage: -


  1. Christianity Has No Chance
  2. Possessed (From Within)
  3. Banished Rhythmic Hate
  4. Contemplating The Pitch Black
  5. View Of A Desolate Wasteland
  6. Swallowed By Black Mass
  7. Accepting The Rise Of Satanism
  8. Unspoken Vows Of A Midnight Offering
  9. Draped In Treachery
  10. The Woods Own Countless Voices
  11. Poisoned By The Blood Of Christ
Viking Crown - Banished Rhythmic Hate
What is happening when you create a band with 50% of the members of NECROPHAGIA? You get VIKING CROWN. And even if the singer Killjoy, the guitar player Phil Anselmo (yeah, the singer in that big band whose name is close to PANTER) and the keyboard player Opal Enthroned are kicking ass in NECROPHAGIA, VIKING CROWN is definitely not good at all.

The first album, "Unorthodox Steps Of Ritual", with a different line-up, already sucked big time, and of course, "Banished Rhythmic Hate" is in the same vein. The sound is even worse than for THE RAVENOUS, the riffs are very cheap and easy, the drum machine is very awful, and the vocals are covered with weird effects. Well, if there was only those things, that could still be almost ok. But the thing is that more than the half of the album consists in gloomy keyboard tracks, that are of course not melodic or gothic at all, but that are sadly not good at all and very boring.

If you're a millionaire, you can still buy that, but else, I really don't see the point… unless you really want to lose money?

Thomas Bonnicel

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