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Poverty's No Crime - The Chemical Chaos (9,5/10) - Germany - 2003

Genre: Progressive Metal
Label: InsideOut
Playing time: 63:39
Band homepage: Poverty's No Crime


  1. Walk Into Nowhere
  2. Every Kind Of Life
  3. All Minds In One
  4. A World Without Me
  5. Terminal Trip
  6. Pact With The Past
  7. Left To Chance
  8. Moving Target
  9. Do What You Feel
  10. Access Denied - Unplugged Version - (Bonus Track)
Poverty's No Crime - The Chemical Chaos
POVERTY'S NO CRIME is a totally unknown band to me and I'm always bragging about knowing a lot of Metal bands blah blah blah… these guys are around since 1991 and this is their fifth album, surprised? Well, I am, "The Chemical Chaos" was a total surprise for me, not just because I didn't know anything about the band, when I pressed play and start listening to "Walk Into Nowhere" I knew I was in love with this band…

POVERTY'S NO CRIME, despite the weird name again (lately I've been reviewing bands with crazy names) deliver a very tight Progressive Metal, that remind me of DREAM THEATER and THE FLOWER KINGS, the musicianship here is just amazing, all the songs have a crisp sound and the keyboards in the background are always present.

The album deals with destiny and the fact that each detail, however small it may be, can have a profound influence on the course of things. From a scientific point of view, life is just an endless sequence of chemical and physical processes - too complex to comprehend - but theoretically calculable.

One of the most amazing tracks in the album is "Every Kind Of Life" with an overall "happy" sound and great chorus, this is what this album is all about, complex compositions and catchy hooks in every song! And don't forget the singer! He has a great voice too! Many people hate James LaBrie's voice, well, you'll be satisfied to hear this guy!

"All Minds In One" starts slowly and acoustic and then builds up to become this incredible song, it has this guitar line that I can't get out of my head. "Terminal Trip" is the mandatory instrumental song, where you can hear what these guys are all about. "Pact With The Past" has this very sad guitar intro and then becomes this mid paced melancholic song. The record ends with "Access Denied", an acoustic version of the opener song of their 1999 album "Slave To The Mind".

As you can see, this album is filled to the brim with good tunes, excellent musicianship and really great compositions, to all fans of Progressive Metal, this is a must-have, if you were disappointed with the last DREAM THEATER album, luckily enough there's a better release already out there, ladies and gentlemen: POVERTY'S NO CRIME. (Online December 22, 2003)

Enrique Congrains

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