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Mutants, The - Voodoo Blues (8/10) - Finland - 2003

Genre: Rock'n'Roll
Label: Ranch
Playing time: 40:43
Band homepage: Mutants, The


  1. Caligula
  2. High Ride
  3. Voodoo Blues
  4. Sin Hipster
  5. Lumbago
  6. Stampede Caravan
  7. Southern Far Out
  8. Papa Simba
  9. Move Along!
Mutants, The - Voodoo Blues
Woah… this is stunning, I did not expect this on my mail… never heard THE MUTANTS in my life and I didn't know what to expect based on the cover art... but one thing I'm sure that this isn't Heavy Metal, is Rock n' Roll baby!!! Well, somewhere I read that they describe themselves as "Afro-Garage-Mambo", a description that, incredibly enough, fits the band perfectly.

Ok, well to start describing this strange piece of music… ok, take music from those 70's porn films, some of those surf tunes, some music from Shaft, tribal sounds, add some Hammond organs, saxophones, Blues, funky wah -wah guitars and there you have it: THE MUTANTS!

Crazy crazy music these guys do, I bet my pancreas that Quentin Tarantino already got this one and it's planning to put some of these tunes into his next movie! These songs are totally groovy! The funny thing is that when I hear some of these songs, can't stop thinking that I've heard this in a porn film or in one of those 60's Black-exploitation movies!

Recommended for everyone that loves, Rock N'Roll, Surfing, 60's vibe, Porn Films and Quentin Tarantino soundtracks. Gotsa get funky with Da' Mutants!!!! (Online December 25, 2003)

Enrique Congrains

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