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Helvis - Reverence The Sacrifice (6,5/10) - Great Britain - 2003

Genre: Noisecore
Label: Loudspeaker Records
Playing time: 42:22
Band homepage: Helvis


  1. Circle Of Trees
  2. Fifteen Sucks
  3. Snail Speech
  4. Black Discharge
  5. Something's Changed
  6. Underkill
  7. Stolen By Idiots >mp3
  8. Eight Men Down
  9. Fast Forward
  10. Hard To Swallow
  11. Filthy Murder Shack
  12. Hand Of Glory
  13. Dead Inside
  14. Tenebre
Helvis - Reverence The Sacrifice
Combine the raucous ex-members of IRON MONKEY, PITCHSHIFTER and CEREBAL FIX and you get a band that is a concoction of the Death and Roll sound of ENTOMBED and the scruffy "Heartwork" era vocals that are being provided by Bloody Kev. This is a no holds barred band that mixes the rawest form of Punk along with groove laden riffs, dirty vocals and all that is heavy.

Noisecore is here to stay and these Brits bring it on hard and heavy to the point where your ears will be ringing for a week. Each track just gets more in your face than the previous and absolutely no one is safe. Pure piss and venom is spread throughout the disc that crossovers many genres and doesn't play it safe. The guitars are very dirty sounding and harsh while the drums just pound array at an unsafe rate and that is a recipe for pure mayhem.

Pure pit music for sure and if you think what you are listening to now is heavy, then pop this in and you will find out what heavy and raw really is. (Online December 13, 2003)

Joe Florez

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