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25 tablatures for Misery Index

Misery Index - Retaliate (6,5/10) - USA - 2003

Genre: Grindcore / Death Metal
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Playing time: 31:22
Band homepage: Misery Index


  1. Retaliate
  2. The Lies That Bind
  3. The Great Depression
  4. Angst isst die Seele
  5. Demand The Impossible
  6. Order Upheld-Dissent Dissolved
  7. Servants Of Progress
  8. The Unbridgeable Chasm
  9. Bottom Feeders
  10. History Is Rotten
Misery Index - Retaliate
All I have to say is who in the world pissed in these guys cereal for breakfast. This is utterly twisted and insane. I guess that when you get ex-members of DYING FETUS and SEVERED HEAD you will get nothing short of extreme. This is normally not my cup of tea, but it sounds like they have their act together. Ultimate Death and Grind will shake up your speakers. The band teases you with hints of blast beats in the title track, but come by "The Great Depression" they come out swinging.

How anybody can play this fast without losing their breath is beyond me. Ultra fast, tight and technical, these guys all know what they are doing and know how to execute their notes. The material here is so fast that it will loosen your bowels with just one listen. The world of extreme Metal is at an all time high here once again with the biggest, baddest, and fastest. Well, I think this band plays it smart by writing material that means something on a social level. You don't have to be vile to be in the Death Metal scene. This is where the band scores points.

The compositions here are beyond ludicrous. It's hard to filter out who is good and bad here in the scene because they all play fast and use guttural vocals, but there is just a little something here that sets them apart from all else in the genre. I am not too sure what it is, but I can feel it.! (Online December 13, 2003)

Joe Florez

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