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Blind Guardian - Follow The Blind (6/10) - Germany - 1989

Genre: Speed Metal
Label: No Remorse
Playing time: 43:11
Band homepage: Blind Guardian


  1. Inquisition
  2. Banish From Sanctuary
  3. Damned For All Time
  4. Follow The Blind
  5. Hall Of The King
  6. Fast To Madness
  7. Beyond The Ice
  8. Valhalla
  9. Don't Break The Circle (CD Bonus)
  10. Barbara Ann
Blind Guardian - Follow The Blind
Why is everyone in the world obsessed with Tolkien? These Tolkien followers use an inspired image for their cover and their lyrics always remain in fantasyland inspired by Mr. Tolkien. If there was only a way to be paid a royalty each time someone cites you as inspiration. This guy would be worth a gazillion dollars. At any rate, obviously being inspired by the groundbreaking HELLOWEEN at the time of release, these fab four bring their musicianship and compositions up one notch from their debut. The power in their music is heavier and slightly better than their first, but the production is still raw and they still sounded like their inspiration.

The drumming from Thomas Stauch is very hard and fast while the guitar work is rapid quick and loaded with crazy ass solos. As far as Hansi's vocals go, the funny thing is that what you hear now is exactly what you heard some 16 years ago. Just crazy! The composition that opens my eyes is "Damned For All Time". It's much longer in length and they are using several arrangements here that are not just power chords, but complex to boot. Still fast, but they put a lot more effort here than their first few tracks. You can tell that if they exactly knew how to add orchestration to this mix like they do now, they would have done it. I am sure though that money was a major factor, especially when they were just starting out.

You also get a cover of THE BEACH BOYS' "Barbara Ann" which is just a fun Rock song and tosses in some inspirational Little Richard in for good measure. The band was still in the raw and if I heard this when it first came out I would have written them off as nothing more than HELLOWEEN wanna be. The great thing here is that when their next release came out in 1991 "Tales From The Twilight World" the band or the Power Metal scene would never be the same again. (Online December 15, 2003)

Joe Florez

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