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In The Woods... - Omnio (9,5/10) - Norway - 1997

Genre: Avantgarde Metal
Label: Candlelight Records
Playing time: 63:11
Band homepage: -


  1. 299 796 km-s
  2. I Am Your Flesh
  3. Kairos!
  4. Weeping Willow
  5. Omnio?
In The Woods... - Omnio
Although this band may be long gone, they leave a legacy that many artists in the underground will always remember them for. This Norwegian band combines so many influences into their compositions that it defies classification, therefore I can't really pinpoint it and neither will you. All I can say vaguely is that if you enjoy Pagan, Folk, Ambient, classical, Metal, melody and Progressive just to name a few, then you may want to come for this ride. Some of the members of this defunct band now reside in GREEN CARNATION.

"299..." is a major concoction that jumps around, but in a very smooth way. You open up with sombre and depressing violin strings before breaking out into a full blown out electrical jam fest with juiced up guitars and thick drums. Male and female vocals sing cleanly and adding more depth into the music that gives it a very haunting and atmospheric vibe. The music overall is very Pagan/Folk like. I know what you are thinking. 'Hey, this sounds like THEATRE OF TRAGEDY, THE GATHERING/LACUNA COIL and all in that vein!' The answer really is no. This band has a mind of its own and sounds completely and is original in all aspects. While the song is very long, it actually moves. It not as boring as one may think. The composition is put together very well and requires all of your attention. The song goes up and down from slow tempos to quick tempos thanks to its double bass drumming. This is a wonderful song if given the proper attention to detail.

"I Am Your Flesh" is a more beefed up song that kicks in right away with the double bass drumming and driving guitar riffs that pack a punch. The vocals are rich, bombastic, powerful and strong. You feel every word that forces its way through your speakers. The song also breaks into Black Metal at times as well when you least expect it just to make the song that much more powerful. "Kaios" is a very progressive song where the female vocals come back for the attack. While the vocals are beautiful and alluring, they too are quite powerful and demand attention. They don't come off as sounding weak and sissy like. Also, the female vocals don't dominate every song. They come in when they need to and leave.

I can see why so many people enjoy this band. They were original to the tilt. They wrote compositions that were not only complex and challenging, but calm memorable, haunting and dark as night. This band could be held in high regard as OPETH because of their uniqueness. If you can appreciate the pagan and folk sounds or if you are in the mood for something different all around show give this one a spin. You won't regret it. (Online December 25, 2003)

Joe Florez

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