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Orphaned Land - The Beloved's Cry (-/10) - Israel - 2000

Genre: Oriental Death Metal
Label: MDMA
Playing time: 39:31
Band homepage: Orphaned Land


  1. Seasons Unite
  2. Above You All
  3. Pits Of Despair
  4. The Beloved's Cry
  5. My Requiem
  6. Orphaned Land - The Storm Still Rages Inside
Orphaned Land - The Beloved's Cry
As apparently a third album of the brilliant Israelis of ORPHANED LAND is in the making, the demo "The Beloved's Cry" has just been released on CD.

Of the six songs, four appeared as the second part of their debut "Sahara" (see review). That makes two previously unreleased tracks, namely "Above You All" and "Pits Of Despair"; which both are more into the more "normal" Melodic Death Metal-vein, albeit in a less rough direction already then. And on "Above You All" you also can find a few of the Israeli/Arabic sounds that have grown into a trademark by now and which are more prominent on the other four tracks.

What makes this demo so fascinating (even if you already have "Sahara") is the fact that the sound of this CD pales quite a few regular productions with ease, compliments, guys, good work!

And as a tidbit for all PC-users, this CD also contains a bonus-track, a live-video of "Seasons Unite", which shows how ORPHANED LAND fare live and also that Israeli fans are the same as in other countries, they are just Metalheads.

Just as usual with releases like this one, everybody has to decide for him/herself, if you need it, I for my part still feel no regrets about buying this one..

Alexander Melzer

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