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Aeternus - Ascension Of Terror (6/10) - Norway - 2001

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Osmose Productions
Playing time: 43:54
Band homepage: Aeternus


  1. Possessed By The Serpents Vengeance
  2. Slaying The Lambs
  3. Ascension Of Terror
  4. The Essence Of The Elder
  5. Warlust
  6. Wrath Of A Warlord
  7. Burning The Shroud
  8. Denial Of Salvation
  9. The Lair Of Anubis
Aeternus - Ascension Of Terror
AETERNUS has been founded already eight years ago, and keep on being very active in the scene, while having their own style. "Shadows Of Old", a really very high level album had made them get closer to the 'best' extreme Metal bands, and after the mini-CD "Burning The Shroud", their new album "Ascension Of Terror" was really awaited. By the way, it's quite astonishing to see that the album was recorded more than a year ago, and only gets released now… but that's another problem.

So let's get directly to the point: "Ascension Of Terror" is once again a very good album, but sadly it's only a "Shadows Of Old" number two. Nothing else. So no effect of surprise, songs built in the same way and sounding exactly as if they had been recorded during the same sessions, with the same sound (Grieghallen Studios once again), and that gives all in all something very disappointing, though the album is full of qualities.

And the other problem is that there is no experimentation or 'weird' passages as we could find on "Shadows Of Old" (thus being way better than "Ascension Of Terror"). But all in all, if you still don't know AETERNUS, check this album out!

Thomas Bonnicel

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