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15 tablatures for Impaled Nazarene

Impaled Nazarene - Latex Cult (6/10) - Finland - 1996

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Osmose Productions
Playing time: 30:40
Band homepage: Impaled Nazarene


  1. 66.6s Of Foreplay
  2. 1999: Karmageddon Warriors
  3. Violence I Crave
  4. Bashing In Heads
  5. Motörpenis
  6. Zum Kotzen
  7. Alien Militant
  8. Goat War
  9. Punishment Is Absolute
  10. When All Golden Turned To Shit
  11. Masterbater
  12. The Burning Of Provinciestraat
  13. I Eat Pussy For Breakfast
  14. Delirium Tremens
Impaled Nazarene - Latex Cult
Sirens wailing, an angry mob, in between murderously fast guitar attacks, that is how the fourth album of Finnish competition boozsters IMPALED NAZARENE begins. And it stays as chaotic until the last note. IMPALED NAZARENE show how you can lay everything to waste without blast speed parts. Insane drums, super fast Punk riffs and off you go.

Straight and strong like a storm the songs attack and let you look as dumb as a cow at a lightning. Variety? Hardly. Melodies? Forget it. Catchiness? Not really. Hefty, brutal? Hell yeah! Devastation factor 10! On this album you get the fist into the face, then the fist into the face and into the face again. And because it was so nice, a kick into the family jewels right after. Sounds almost as if VENOM, DISCHARGE and CARNIVORE met for a ménage a trois.

And as every IMPALED NAZARENE album this one also contains the obligatory "Goat" hymn. Hits of the album? I'd say the MOTÖRHEAD-like "Motörpenis" and the following "Zum Kotzen". Punks, professional madmen and speed fanatics can get this one without second thought. (Online December 22, 2003)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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