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Crematory - Transmigration (8/10) - Germany - 1993

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Massacre Records
Playing time: 42:22
Band homepage: Crematory


  1. Bequest Of The Wicked
  2. Eyes Of Suffering
  3. Deformity
  4. Never Forgotten Place
  5. Hall Of Torment
  6. Reincarnation
  7. Victims
  8. Through My Soul
  9. The Way Behind The Light
  10. Bequest Of The Hallow
Crematory - Transmigration

Hated, damned, divined. Hardly any other (German) band is characterized by these attributes as well as Death Metallers CREMATORY. Damned by the big media because of their "oh so sappy style" the combo has been/is loved by the fans just so much more. And CREMATORY also make it easy. I would describe the band as "Death Metal answer to TRANCE". Meaning that the musicians follow a similar pattern as the Edenkoben based Metallers. Simple, effective arrangements meet deadly melodies. Additionally CREMATORY had been among the first more heavy bands to use keyboards, alongside with TORCHURE (Germany, two albums via 1 More Flop Records) and NOCTURNUS.

After one demo 1993 saw the birth of their debut "Transmigration" via Massacre Records, followed by a tour as support of English sadness kings MY DYING BRIDE and several single gigs. So on May 6th 1994 in Metal Keller of Kaiserslautern I could witness not a great, but still good concert.

But back to the album. The songs mostly are in slow regions, yet the tempo is varied quite often. Now the music is by far not as hefty or brutal as the material of comparable bands, for example ASPHYX. And CREMATORY neither devastate everything in sight. The keyboards nicely stays in the background and creates atmosphere. With "Eyes Of Suffering" there even is one of the band's biggest hits on this album. But the rest of the songs also is absolutely worth to be checked out, especially "The Way Behind The Light", which in its fast parts reminds me of MASSACRE, and the hammer "Reincarnation". (Online December 26, 2003)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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