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Ningizzia - Dolorous Novella (8/10) - France - 2003

Genre: Doom Metal
Label: Haceldama
Playing time: 42:08
Band homepage: Ningizzia


  1. Spirit Of The Abandoned
  2. Point Of No Return
  3. Ode To The Realm Of Ancient Wisdoms
  4. Emptiness
  5. Everything Dies
Ningizzia - Dolorous Novella
Well, it's really the season! After BESTIAL MOCKERY, here's another band who really begun with Impaler Of Trendies Prodz and who finally end up releasing something on a CD format. By luck, the result is way better with NINGIZZIA than with BESTIAL MOCKERY… This weird band, half-French, half-Swedish, evolves in a really nice Dark/Doom register, with keyboards, flutes, female vocals and cavernous male vocals. That can look strange, or even indigest when you read that, but all in all, the five tracks that NINGIZZIA offer us are of very good quality and don't sound like any other band, except that you can sometimes find some small KATATONIA touches somewhere… but not much anyway.

And as we are far of reaching the lame clichés that we'd had with BETHZAIDA or LORD BELIAL, whose use of the flute was not so brilliant, we can only be satisfied. Here's then a very relaxing album, that will easily calm down every ferocious Black Metaller… and lead to suicide any MTV watcher. (Online January 13, 2004)

Thomas Bonnicel

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