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Midnite Club - Running Out Of Lies (7/10) - Germany - 2003

Genre: Hard Rock
Label: Escape Music
Playing time: 50:58
Band homepage: Midnite Club


  1. Neon Dreaming >mp3
  2. Too Close To The Sun >mp3
  3. Morning Rain >mp3
  4. The Wild Boys >mp3
  5. Snakecharmer >mp3
  6. Ticket To Silence >mp3
  7. Heaven Beyond >mp3
  8. Running Out Of Lies >mp3
  9. Midnite Club >mp3
  10. What The Mirror Only Knows >mp3
  11. Thoughts Away >mp3
Midnite Club - Running Out Of Lies
MIDNITE CLUB originated after the split of the band MR. HATE, which had released a CD called "Fragments" in 1997. Ex-MR. HATE guitar player Stephen Seger is the leader of the whole thing. He could enlist his former fellow and MR. HATE singer Carsten Schulz (DOMAIN, EVIDENCE ONE) as well as drummer Bernd Hermann of the SÖHNE MANNHEIMS (?), SCARLET ROSE bass player Andy Keller and CAMERON keyboard player Holger Seeger.

Musicwise, it can be expected a Melodic Rock/Hard Rock thing with 80s hints. Due to this able actors spread, one can't criticize anything technical. Also the vocals are above the average. One fat groover here, one rock ballad there and every Hard Rock fan should clack its tongue. But I miss an absolute smasher. It's all very good, never annoying but also somehow predictable. It's solid German Melodic Rock, not more nor less. As I'm more a fan of heavier sounds, this is not really my branch. (Online January 13, 2004)

Ralf Henn

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