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Powers Court - Nine Kinds Of Hell (9/10) - USA - 2001

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Dragonheart Records
Playing time: 51:03
Band homepage: Powers Court


  1. Tragedy Of Faust
  2. Echoes Of Silence
  3. Darkened Paradise
  4. Agnostica
  5. Conquistador
  6. Devil's Triangle
  7. Tanzania
  8. House Of Sorrow
  9. Emptiness
Powers Court - Nine Kinds Of Hell
The time seems to have stood still, when I listen to this album. Like in the Mid-Eighties, as really beautifully obscure steel has still been forged, POWER COURT sound as well in 2001. They give a shit about all trends and see through their thing consistently. All of you, who get a pillar with the mentioning of bands like BROCAS HELMET, old LIEGE LORD, MANILLA ROAD or LORDS OF THE CRIMSON ALLIANCE will definitely get one of the highlights of this year! Together with "Atlantis Rising" by MANILLA ROAD maybe the codger-album of the year.

It's very difficult to describe the style of POWERS COURT. The original vocals of the front-lady (yes, you fools of "Rock Hard", it is one!) alone will scare all Melodic Metal-Fans off. Her extremely variable voice is an integral part of the POWERS COURT-sound! She sounds a little like KING DIAMOND, but also masters thrashy shouts and is nowhere near to the obligatory elf-like trilling of the Gothic-scene. But for sure not everybody's cup of tea! I really like it and so songs like "Darkened Paradise" or "Echoes Of Silence" create a certain magic! You just have to be glad to have a real Metal-queen. And she has the "true" Metal coursing through her blood!

Instrumentally I am just equally enthused. Relatively brutal, very complex riff-attacks are shooting by your ears, with a brilliant drum-section. The crystal-clear, super-fat production adds to that, driving their compositions through the sound-system mercilessly. All nine kinds of hell sound damn impressive and most probably will be met with raised shoulders by most of you.

Friends of the above-mentioned bands and all enemies of the Melody-Speed-genre (which I am not - Ralf) will fight for this one to be in their collection.

Ralf Henn

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