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Dawn Of Relic - One Night In Carcosa (9/10) - Finland - 1999

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Wicked World
Playing time: 44:43
Band homepage: Dawn Of Relic


  1. Fimbulvetr
  2. When Aldebaran Is Visible
  3. The Last Dance Of Sarnath
  4. Kadath Opened Part I: To Dream
  5. Part II: Through The Cavern Of Flame
  6. Part III: Nether Seas Boiling
  7. Welkins Gat
  8. Just A River
  9. Oceans
Dawn Of Relic - One Night In Carcosa

Almost unnoticed by the public, Finnish DAWN OF RELIC have released their debut "One Night In Carcosa". Behind a highly interesting cover lurks a Melodic Black Metal-album, which doesn't have to hide behind its genre-colleagues and -competitors.

Following the quite short opener "Fimbulvetr" with its melodic mid-tempo-Black Metal, "When Aldebaran Is Visible" offers each facet of the genre, from fast to slow-paced, from crunchy guitars to atmospheric keyboards and acoustic guitars, but not fragments lined up, but interwoven with each other, creating a flowing union.

The heart- and masterpiece of this album is the three-part "Kadath Opened", which's first two parts have been united into an almost 13-minute-long epic, which accompanies each fan on a roller-coaster-ride through the Black Metal-world, here heavy with double-bass, there just borne by dark keyboards and acoustic guitars, before a slow-paced epic takes over, just to be broken up by the rising tempo again. The third part starts out with acoustic guitars, dark, atmospheric keyboards and a slow-paced rhythm, which is broken by double-bass (without snare), keys and electric guitars, to turn into up-tempo-Melodic Black. These almost 19 minutes alone raise DAWN OF RELIC into a higher sphere of the scene, many successful and popular bands still have to create such a masterpiece! Even more as the songs already had been composed between 1995 and 1996...

"Kadath Opened" is already worth your hard-earned money, but also the rest, even though it cannot keep the super-high level, is far from being not good! Oh yes, the vocals have been taken over by CATAMENIA's Mika Tönning...

So who has fallen to this style and is craving for quality should go out and prowl for "One Night In Carcosa", because here is no uniform sound, no sticky keyboard-layers or set-up evilness...

Alexander Melzer

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