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Arch Enemy - Burning Bridges (9,5/10) - Sweden - 1999

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Century Media
Playing time: 40:28
Band homepage: Arch Enemy


  1. The Immortal
  2. Dead Inside
  3. Pilgrim
  4. Silverwing
  5. Demonic Science
  6. Seed Of Hate
  7. Angelclaw
  8. Burning Bridges
Arch Enemy - Burning Bridges

No one could have possibly fathomed an ex-CARCASS-member creating a better album than "Heartwork." But, in 1999, Mike Amott led his group to the top and created one of the greatest albums ever. One that would sit right beside "Heartwork" in the hall of Metal-perfection.

Heavy Metal, but heavier. Unmatched guitars, thunderous bass, and drums from hell, while Johan Liiva plows through the songs with his pissed off vocals. The man thanks Chuck Schuldiner for being an inspiration...wise choice. The axemen twist minds with some of the greatest leads and solos that I have ever heard. Praising their guitar-gods, but mostly, a strong Yngwie Malmsteen-influence. Sharlee and Daniel reinvent the deep end, and show the best rhythm-section of any melodic Death Metal-band.

"The Immortal" sets you into the world of ARCH ENEMY, showing wildly coloured guitars, and a deep pulse. This is a song of unmeasured power and proves a perfect opener for a live show. Throughout the album, you never hit a bad song. Every song has it's own vibe, a different twist into a new dimension. "Pilgrim" will get you banging your head, while "Burning Bridges" will put you into deep thought, either way, prepare for a near flawless album.

One of the greatest parts of this band is dynamics. One second they are tearing up the place, and then it goes into a smooth, slow section. A lot of Rock is pumped into this album, showing hints from over three decades of great bands. This album had to be created for live performance, the only problem is that in America, no one moves while the first couple of bands play. So, you are sitting there, wanting to go insane, but everyone is masturbating and not paying attention.

In Japan, these guys are gods, I should move there...

Guest Andrew

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