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Moonstruck - First Light (7,5/10) - Sweden - 2000

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Dragonheart Records
Playing time: 39:01
Band homepage: -


  1. Light The Sky With Fire
  2. Under Her Burning Wings
  3. Set Me Free
  4. All Life Is Lost
  5. With Broken Wings
  6. Our Passion
  7. Falling Through Silent Skies
  8. The Pain I No Longer Fear
  9. Where Hope Lies Dying
Moonstruck - First Light
As a fan of bardic melodies, multiple harmonies, and theme- or concept-based recordings, "First Light" has easily found itself a home amongst my humble album-collection. What you'll find on this album are elements of all things we have come to desire from great Swedish, or Melodic Metal in general.

First off, the score on this album has potential to be every melodic thrasher's dream come true. From start to finish, each song reeks of heavy Maidenesque/folk-influence, transporting the listener to an existence when Metal may have perhaps existed in medieval times. Each member seems to know their role, and play it well. Lots of crunching rhythm-sections, lots of dueling guitars, lots of excellent drum-fills and many soothing acoustic passages make this not only a well-rounded album, but for those into this subgenre of Metal, it should serve as a welcome addition to your collection as well.

Aside from the attractive presentation I have thus far laid out, there are only a few mishaps. For one, while Sandberg's vocals go along well in terms of intensity with the rest of the album, it can sometimes come across as being very hoarse and dusty, and can be greatly overshadowed by the rest of the band. This can be somewhat disappointing during, say, the climax of a given song. In addition, it could also be said that, not coming from Studio Fredman or the like, this album lacks the power and true production that most would expect when the term "Melodic Metal" is (and has been as of late) thrown around. However, if you haven't yet been spoiled, and still have an ear for great music, the sound-value on "First Light" will have no ill effects on your opinion of this album what so ever.

Other than that, there's not much else to say. This is a great debut, and I find myself interested to discover what the future holds in store for MOONSTRUCK. Until then, "First Light" will be pulling in the tidings from this thrasher.

Carl Wood

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