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54 tablatures for Therion

Therion - Theli (10/10) - Sweden - 1996

Genre: Symphonic Metal
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Playing time: 51:36
Band homepage: Therion


  1. Preludium
  2. To Mega Therion
  3. Cults Of The Shadow
  4. In The Desert Of Set
  5. Interludium
  6. Nightside Of Eden
  7. Opus Eclipse
  8. Invocation Of Naamah
  9. The Siren Of The Woods
  10. Grand Finale/Postludium
Therion - Theli
Grandiose, brilliant, unique, extreme! These four attributes describe "Theli" almost perfectly. THERION combine the two extremes of Heavy Metal on the one and classic/opera on the other side almost perfectly by amalgamating the two ends of these seemingly anti-magnetic styles into a furious symbiosis.

Cracking Metal-riffs and thundering rhythms are running side by side with opera-esque choirs and classical sounds - and it works out brilliantly! With this original mixture, this album serves a sonic attack, which never had been there before (and after), complex in its structure, but still accessible and in a flow.

After a short introduction, "To Mega Therion" combines choirs with riffs, a deathy voice with clean vocals, connecting Metal with classic in an intensity no collaboration between METALLICA and any orchestra could ever reach!

But also each of the other tracks is a furious ride through the sound-scape of Christofer Johnsson, powerfully staged and brilliantly performed, with an extremity and quality the two following works "Vovin" and "Deggial" could not (or would not) show again...

There are not many albums in Metal that truly wrote history, but "Theli" is one of them, absolutely. This album belongs to each and every Metal-collection!

Alexander Melzer

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