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13 tablatures for Barathrum

Barathrum - Okkult (7,5/10) - Finland - 2000

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Spinefarm
Playing time: 36:47
Band homepage: Barathrum


  1. Magic In Atmosphere
  2. The Darkness Has Landed
  3. Bride Of Lucifer
  4. Virgin Blood Spiller
  5. Halfheart
  6. I Am Very Possessed
  7. Land Of Tears
  8. Whores Of Hades
  9. Devilish Sign
  10. Fatal Bite
Barathrum - Okkult

The info tells me of "War/Black Metal" and, even worse, of the band starting out together with BEHERIT. Not exactly what makes me look forward to a CD...

So, CD into the player and then brace for the worst - a dark invocation, but no music yet. Alright, so let's brace again - and then it really almost knocked my off my chair, but not because of the dreaded icy blast of northern frost, but because I had not expected this: mid- to slow-paced Black Metal with a good bit of melody to it. That hit home!

With the rhythm and sometimes also the guitars reminding me a bit of folky Metalians like THE LORD WEIRD SLOUGH FEG, "The Darkness Has Landed" comes over very unexpected, always melodic and also with a few keyboards to it. "Virgin Blood Spiller" let's loose the mid-paced double-bass here and there and the best track "I Am Very Possessed" (are they really serious?) presents us with symphonic keyboards accentuating the guitars and building up a quite interesting atmosphere.

I like positive surprises like this. Want more!

Oh, and this band really not only has two guitarists, but also two (!) bassists...

Alexander Melzer

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