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Ram-Zet - Pure Therapy (7/10) - Norway - 2000

Genre: Black Metal / Power Metal
Label: Spikefarm
Playing time: 50:14
Band homepage: Ram-Zet


  1. The Fall
  2. King
  3. For The Sake Of Mankind
  4. Eternal Voice
  5. No Peace
  6. Kill My Thoughts
  7. Sense
  8. Through The Eyes Of The Children
Ram-Zet - Pure Therapy
Now this is some heavy shit that Zet presents us with. No, it's not hard and heavy, but a quite adventurous mix from post-modern industrialism, crunchy traditionalism and black-metallic frost. And with that he falls between all the stools with a nearly perfect precision...

Traditionalists will hate the partly very modern guitars, the very croaky vocals and the industrial drum-loops and sounds, while the Industrial-fans will have their problems with the melodies, the violin and the sometimes used female vocals, and the Black Metalians won't get very far with the modernity and sometimes also the atmosphere of the music.

The two best tracks in my opinion are "Eternal Voice", which is very melodic and slow- to mid-paced, also using violin and female voice, and "For The Sake Of Mankind", which is staged very varied and also with much melody in it.

That my rating is not higher is the bandwidth of the sound, which on the one hand is not bad, but still unites too many different styles, which not always meet my taste. But if you are out for a musical journey through the unknown, then I can recommend "Pure Therapy".

Alexander Melzer

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