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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - PROJECT GRUDGE - Between You And Reality

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project grudge - Between You And Reality (8,5/10) - Sweden - 2001

Genre: Industrial
Label: Medea
Playing time: 42:51
Band homepage: project grudge


  1. Disrespectful
  2. Soul For Sale
  3. Free
  4. Hard To Kill
  5. The Blues
  6. One Minute Of Silence
  7. Who's Got The Power
  8. Do It
  9. One Man
  10. Unite
  11. Work
project grudge - Between You And Reality
Don't change the channel, you are currently reading a review concerning a Techno-album! Correction, it's more like some hybrid between Industrial/Techno and plain ole Heavy Metal, but... still, that description sounds so empty, so hollow.

I LOVE THAT CD! Ok, I admit it! Usually, I just H-A-T-E Techno-stuff and I despise those disco-freaks, but this is different. What was happening in Mattias Johansson's head when he wrote, produced and performed all of the material found on "Between You And Reality", I can't tell you, but our Swedish friend definitely has a mind of his own and follows nothing but his imagination! Right off the bat, I have to mention that PROJECT GRUDGE bears a certain resemblance with some bands like NINE INCH NAILS and MARILYN MANSON. First you've got, of course, lots of electronic noises and melodies, but everything is so brilliantly put together that you can't help but give in to the music. The guitar comes in and out, making it's presence known only by projecting a couple of heavy [and oh so catchy] riffs and then fading out again to leave the stage for more Industrial beats. Then, the voice of Mattias joins the frenzy and sounds a bit robot-like with the multiple layers and effects applied to it [again, the name Manson comes to mind]. Don't make any hasty conclusions, all of this is done in a very professional manner and it never ends up being cheesy or cheap. Finally, some samples are used to season the already quite rich mix and voilą!

My opinion on that CD is quite obvious. I have enjoyed "Between You And Reality" from the start and I think if you're looking for something special that you don't see every day, you might want to try this one out. You can actually dance on that record's songs and it would probably make a great party album [but this is only one more praise, believe me!]. One of my greatest discoveries of 2001!

NOTE: This is rather interesting. The album "Between You And Reality" has a track named "One Minute Of Silence" which it just that, a minute of silence. I received the record in my mailbox a few days after the terrorist attacks upon the United States of America. Though I am not directly concerned by the events that occurred on the 11th day of September, I can't help but feel sadness when I think of the victims and so each time I play the album, I ALWAYS "listen" to "One Minute Of Silence", in memory of the lost men, women and children from the Twin Towers Incident. What a strange coincidence.

Mathieu Bibeau

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