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Children Of Bodom - Follow The Reaper (9,5/10) - Finland - 2001

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Playing time: 41:09
Band homepage: Children Of Bodom


  1. Follow The Reaper
  2. Bodom After Midnight
  3. Children Of Decadence
  4. Everytime I Die
  5. Mask Of Sanity
  6. Taste Of My Scythe
  7. Hate Me!
  8. Northern Comfort
  9. Kissing The Shadows
  10. Hellion (Bonus-Track)
Children Of Bodom - Follow The Reaper
Many, many fans have anxiously awaited this album and I can assure you, it was absolutely worth the time!

The opening title-track is thundering ahead in best COB-fashion, but you hear one change from the beginning, which is apparent throughout the whole album: the keyboards play a bigger role on "Follow The Reaper", but don't fear, they're not detrimental to the heaviness in the least!

Actually Alexi Laiho and co. are coming over as varied as never before, packed in an incredible Abyss-production, courtesy of Master Tägtgren himself, which brings all the force and power of the band to the surface perfectly. So you also almost get the first CHILDREN OF BODOM-ballad ever, titled "Everytime I Die", but don't fear again, they neither get sappy nor do you have to wait for Alexi's "romantic" voice for too long, so I have to heavily emphasize "almost".

The nine tracks of this album (ten, if you count the bonus-track "Hellion") all are on a very high level, both musically and instrumentally, especially the guitarists fire off one great riff after the other, but all musicians show that they are masters of their instruments.

Who still needs some songs picked out, should take "Follow The Reaper", "Mask Of Sanity" or "Kissing The Shadows", but normally you could just buy the album, because where it says COB, there is COB in it, in all its consequence and quality.

OK, so now help the band finally get the well-deserved gold (or even platinum) also outside of Finland!

P.S.: I still leave some room for the next album, just that you know ;)

Alexander Melzer

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