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J.B.O. - Sex Sex Sex (9/10) - Germany - 2000

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Virgin
Playing time: 54:18
Band homepage: J.B.O.


  1. Warnung
  2. Sex Sex Sex
  3. Ich möcht' so gerne Metal hör'n
  4. Knocking On Heaven's Door
  5. Der Hofnarr
  6. Elter Schelter
  7. Bums Bums Bums Bums
  8. Eins zwei drei
  9. Satanische Botschaften I
  10. Ich sag' J.B.O.
  11. Der Spatz in der Hand
  12. Song, für den uns kein Namen eingefallen ist
  13. Oli B.: Freude schöner Götter Funken
  14. Satanische Botschaften II
  15. Ein kleiner Vampir
  16. Ist da irgendjemand da
  17. Sven Reverb: Nur geträumt
  18. Satanische Botschaften III
  19. Always Look On The Dark Side Of Life
J.B.O. - Sex Sex Sex
OK, one thing at the very beginning, this might very well be the most difficult review I've ever put into English, because most non-Germans won't understand it fully, but I'll at least try. Just as an explanation, for years now J.B.O. are somewhat a Metal-version of Weird Al Yankovic, covering songs, giving them funny lyrics and making them Metal. Now you at least know, what this band is all about...

Who thinks/hopes that the title-track of the latest effort of Erlangen's chaos-troup is a persiflage of "Number Of The Beast" or alternatively as something smutty, is wrong in both cases, because this is about eeevil...

You may not expect serious or even demanding lyrics from the Franconians, but wait... "Der Hofnarr" ("The Jester") is amusing, but still it contains a serious, even romantic message... Anyway, musically the JAMES BLA..., oops, J.B.O. are as varied as never before, you also find sounds you wouldn't have expected from them. "Bums Bums Bums Bums" is Dancefloor (with a guitar) with a great feeble-minded lyrics, which pulls that scene's leg perfectly and almost can compete with the VENGA BOYS, and you can also find some Depri-Pop and Reggae, but to put this into words is almost impossible.

What comes as a surprise is the heavily reduced number of real cover-versions from the Metal-genre, "Ist da irgendjemand da" (= funny German version of "Is There Anybody Out There") by the SCORPIONS is the only one. But there is still other stuff, like "Ich möcht so gerne Metal hör'n" from TRUCK STOP (country-satire, great!), "Eins Zwei Drei" ("Maria" by Ricky Martin), "Ich sag J.B.O." ("Wot" by Captain Sensible) and "Always Look On The Dark Side Of Life" also are covers, the rest is original stuff.

The best tracks are "Bums Bums Bums Bums", which you just won't get out of your mind again, "Der Hofnarr", which contains a few medieval instruments, "Eins Zwei Drei" and "Der Spatz in der Hand", while "Der kleine Vampir" ("The Little Vampire") has got some really unnerving vocals, but being a CRADLE OF FILTH-satire and given the fact that Dani's screeching is enough to make a granite-wall crumble, it's a good one still.

Just like before everybody has to decided for him/herself, it you view J.B.O. as brilliant satire or unnerving chaos-troup, I like their humour, the music is good anyway, so thumbs up!

Alexander Melzer

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