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Hardline - Double Eclipse (9,5/10) - USA - 1992

Genre: Melodic Metal
Label: MCA
Playing time: 52:53
Band homepage: -


  1. Life's A Bitch
  2. Dr.Love
  3. Rhythm From A Red Car
  4. Change Of Heart
  5. Everything
  6. Takin' Me Down
  7. Hot Cherie
  8. Bad Taste
  9. Can't Find My Way
  10. I'll Be There
  11. 31-91
  12. In The Hands Of Time
Hardline - Double Eclipse
Neal Schon, Joey and Johnny Gioeli, these names alone already stand for quality and so "Double Eclipse" also is a milestone of Melodic Metal and is, for me, one of the very best albums this genre ever has spawned.

Already the opening "Life's A Bitch" shows impressively that the gentlemen are able to combine crunchy guitars with brilliant melodies in a quality that make you shake your head in wonder. The following "Dr.Love" is finest melodic steel again, before "Rhythm From A Red Car" raises the tempo a good bit and you get a full broadside of guitars, add to that the excellent voice of Gioeli, what could you hope for more?

A ballad maybe? No problem, we have three in our range, with "Change Of Heart", "Can't Find My Way" and one of the very best ballads that I have ever heard: "In The Hands Of Time". The rest of the album also is very varied, easy-going like "Everything", the surprisingly heavy "Bad Taste" with its driving bass-line or the Melodic-Metallers "Hot Cherie" and "I'll Be There", all among the finest you may get.

Who likes Melodic Metal just HAS to have HARDLINE's "Double Eclipse", otherwise there'd be a big gap in your collection!

Alexander Melzer

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