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Waltari - Decade (9/10) - Finland - 1998

Genre: Crossover
Label: Parlophone
Playing time: 41:09
Band homepage: Waltari


  1. Atmosfear
  2. Walkin' In The Neon (Remix)
  3. Anybody
  4. So Fine
  5. Follow Me Inside
  6. Far Away
  7. The Stage
  8. Jungle Rats
  9. Astronaut
  10. Misty Man (Mix)
  11. Move (Remix)
  12. Vogue
  13. Lights On
  14. The Dawning Of Doom (Live)
  15. Brats
  16. Rap Your Body Beat (Mix)
  17. Feel! (Live)
Waltari - Decade
It is a pretty common opinion that Finns in general and musicians from there in special are slightly to completely nuts. This generalisation is just as unfair as wrong, but when you see and hear WALTARI, then you really begin to re-think this again...

"Decade" is a Best-Of-album of WALTARI and impressively shows that they are a very innovative, border-breaking, weird and to a good part also completely maniac (there you have it) band. In these 19 songs they know neither borders nor mercy and process anything from Metal and Punk, Folk and Trance, Hip Hop and Techno up to Rap and nursery rhymes, nothing, absolutely nothing is safe from them!

The opening "Atmosfear" combines Metal with Rap-vocals and a latent HipHop-list, but that is nothing against the following remix of "Walkin' In The Neon", a mix from Metal with Techno-rhythm, Kärtsy's unique vocals and a female voice making up the chorus. Sounds strange, but is coming over so funny, fresh and good that even I as professional techno-hater refer to this track as simply brilliant! After the very melodic and intensive "Anybody" follows the ultimate everything-Crossover "So Fine", where between heavy guitars, breakbeats, Techno, Folk and Trance suddenly a Finnish nursery rhyme breaks through, this genre never has seen a stranger, but still listenable mixture, great!

Also the Techno/Metal-skeleton "Far Away", which swings between heavy verse and merry chorus, the ballad (!) "The Stage", the fresh, rocking "Misty Man", "Move" of the Death Metal-opera "Yeah! Yeah! Die! Die!", the ultra-brilliant Madonna-cover "Vogue" with its double-bass-guitar-chorus, the double-bass-driven punky "Rap Your Body Beat" and the DIE KRUPPS-cover "The Dawning Of Doom", with partly Finnish rap, are there and just bring a merry atmosphere into the house as if there was nothing easier to do.

WALTARI are nuts, brilliant, innovative, crossovering, but still catchy - great - and to read something like this from ME means much, very much indeed!!!!

Alexander Melzer

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