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Centinex - Hellbrigade (7/10) - Sweden - 2000

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Repulse
Playing time: 38:47
Band homepage: Centinex


  1. Towards Devastation
  2. One With Eternity
  3. The Eyes Of The Dead
  4. Emperor Of Death
  5. Last Redemption
  6. Bloodconqueror
  7. Neverending Hell
  8. Nightbreeder
  9. Hellbrigade
Centinex - Hellbrigade
CENTINEX roam the scene since 1990 already and are now offering their third full album with "Hellbrigade". Since the beginning they stood for melodic, but always brutal Death Metal, wiping away the majority of related Melodic Deathsters off the table with a vicious swing of the axe.

"Hellbrigade" is no exception to this, very intense outbreaks are loosened up by some nice melodies, here and there even a clear voice is used, but so sparsely that it only underlines the brutality of the rest of the music, like in "One With Eternity". Other than that the hammer is the law, nobody has to complain about any lack of aggression, because this band is deeply rooted in Swedish Death Metal for sure.

To get a first impression, take the already mentioned "One With Eternity" and "Last Redemption", this should be enough to decided if this one's for you or not.

Alexander Melzer

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