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3 tablatures for Internal Suffering

Internal Suffering - Supreme Knowledge Domain (1/10) - Colombia - 2000

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Qabalah
Playing time: 31:32
Band homepage: Internal Suffering


  1. Mighty Triumphant Return
  2. Valley Of The Impaled
  3. Evil Sorcerers
  4. Daemons Awakening
  5. Outside Dwellers
  6. Threshold Into The Unknown
  7. Enter The Gate Of Death
  8. Beyond The Mystic Portal Of Madness
  9. Supreme Knowledge Domain
  10. Summoning The Ancient Ones
Internal Suffering - Supreme Knowledge Domain
Repulse Records, and their sublabel Qabalah, are widely renowned for their soft, fragile Artrock their bands are producing. The Colombian quartet INTERNAL SUFFERING is no difference to this.

On their debut "Supreme Knowledge Domain" they mix clear song-structures with a high demand on the listener with intricate vocal-lines and so deep-going lyrics like on "Valley Of The Impaled", "Enter The Gate Of Death" or "Beyond The Mystic Portal Of Madness".

What? You don't believe me? Hey, who is the specialist here? OK, serious. What INTERNAL SUFFERING are offering us on their debut is ultra-brutal Death Metal of the highest rumpus-class. They mainly act on the fast Blastspeed-level, but here and there have a few less storming passages, too. Where the vocals (I heavily refrain from using the terminus of "singing") are concerned, I am not sure, if it had been really Fabio, who has done them or if the band rather put a microphone into a pigsty, I honestly cannot say.

The sound altogether somehow reminds me a bit of the swamps east of Barranquilla, everything taken together is quite, well, swampy, even though you can hear the single instruments...

Alright, the guys can play, so much is for sure, but still this is enough, because my ears are threatening of closing down, not to re-open again, this is nothing for me. Wes, this one's yours...

Alexander Melzer

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