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Steel Prophet - Book Of The Dead (8/10) - USA - 2000

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Playing time: 40:46
Band homepage: Steel Prophet


  1. When Six Was Nine
  2. Tragic Flaws
  3. Escaped
  4. Soleares
  5. Church Of Mind
  6. Burning Into Blackness
  7. The Chamber
  8. Locked Out
  9. Ruby Dreams (Faith And Hope)
  10. Phobia
  11. Anger Seething
  12. Oleander
Steel Prophet - Book Of The Dead
Somehow they sound familiar, yet different, the Yanks of STEEL PROPHET. Until now the quintet around vocalist extraordinaire Rick Mythiasin and guitar-wizard Steve Kachinsky always moved on the verge of the progressive side of Power Metal, the song-structures had been quite complex at times.

"Book Of The Dead", though, shows them surprisingly straight and accessible, additionally the Mythman sounds a little, hm, tamer?! Still the album is STEEL PROPHET to the core and nothing else, the guitars and of course Rick still are trademarks of the band.

Another thing that strikes is that with "Phobia" there is only one really fast song on the album, the rest moves between slow- and mid-paced. Still the compositions bear enough power to be labelled just that Metal, so do not fear, hehe.

"Book Of The Dead" could be the album for STEEL PROPHET that they haven't had yet, because with the less complex songs and the less high-pitched vocals they could win new listeners among those, who had kept their distance to the band just because of those elements before. But who now thinks that STEEL PROPHET might have turned more "commercial" and left their roots behind, should listen to "Book Of The Dead" and hear for himself that this is NOT the case!

Alexander Melzer

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