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Dismal, The - Make Your Mind Up (3,5/10) - Spain - 2000

Genre: Nu-Metal
Label: Division House
Playing time: 48:39
Band homepage: -


  1. Destroyourself
  2. Feel
  3. The Devil In You
  4. Mother
  5. Hermano Humano
  6. November 22nd
  7. Make Your Mind Up
  8. Ser diferente
  9. Lies So Dies
  10. The Absent Art
  11. Everywhere
  12. Power-Life
  13. War Still Continues
Dismal, The - Make Your Mind Up
What would Wes call this here? Mall Metal. The Spaniards of THE DISMAL surely have seen something of bands LIMP BIZKIT and the like, because this is just the vein "Make Your Mind Up" is in.

Not even taking into account that I never have found any liking for this kind of sound and still think that without the intervention of MTV and similar institutions nobody would even be remotely interested in this kind of music, THE DISMAL just are yet another band that tries to get a few crumbs off the already completely disembowelled cake.

You can find all the ingredients that any other band uses, plus a few drum-loops and a shot of Latino-flair here and there, but that's it already, now who needs something like this?

Who mails me the best reason for this CD having a raison d'etre, gets this thingy for free...

Alexander Melzer

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