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Festermen, The - Full Treatment (2/10) - Finland - 2000

Genre: Punk Rock
Label: Bad Afro Records
Playing time: 30:38
Band homepage: -


  1. Toelake Snakeman
  2. Stench
  3. Cash Cow
  4. Sutela Nightrider
  5. Everything's Gone Dead On Us
  6. Wine Goes Down
  7. Satan Found Out
  8. Cracker Jack
  9. Liquor Talking II
  10. County Road Intersection
  11. Everybody's Movin' South
  12. You Lit My Way
Festermen, The - Full Treatment
Aaaaaaaaaaaargh! What is this? A muddy wall of noise is splashing out of my speakers, wild and raw... There is some Punk in it and I can hear some kind of dirty (and I mean really dirty) Rock, rough vocals, which are devoid of any kind of melody, song-structures are just as common as Black Metal in the Vatican, and everything very simple and indifferent.

"Wine Goes Down" already is the highlight, with its reduced tempo and sparse instrumentation. Comes over quite good in fact, but it's all the same from the beginning till the end, so it's getting monotonous, loses its appeal even before half-time... But variety isn't exactly a strength of those 12 songs...

So, for the first half of "Wine Goes Down" they'll get one point extra, but that's it. This thing has seen me CD-player for the irrevocably last time. Stop!

Alexander Melzer

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