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Ulver - Perdition City (2/10) - Norway - 2000

Genre: Experimental
Label: Jester Records
Playing time: 53:40
Band homepage: Ulver


  1. Lost In Moments
  2. Porn Piece Or The Scars Of Cold Kisses
  3. Hallways Of Always
  4. Tomorrow Never Knows
  5. The Future Sound Of Music
  6. We Are The Dead
  7. Dead City Centres
  8. Catalept
  9. Nowhere/Catastrophe
Ulver - Perdition City
One thing to be made clear: This review is purely written from the perspective of a Metal-fan!

What had started with the "Marriage Of Heaven And Hell"-album has reached it's 'peak' with "Perdition City." After incorporating more and more influences from non-Metal and integrating electronic and poppy elements into their sound, I haven't found a single guitar on this album anymore.

This no longer is the ULVER of the trilogy "Bergtatt", "Kveldssanger" and "Nattens Madrigal", apart from the name there is nothing, absolutely nothing in common anymore. This is a mixture from Pop and TripHop, with electronics and saxophone and then some...

"Bergtatt" had been very good, "Kveldssanger" brilliant, "Nattens Madrigal" at least uncompromising, but after that they went downhill and with "Perdition City" ULVER finally have managed to get rid of all of their old fans once and for all. On the sleeve it says "This is music for the stations before and after sleep." For me it is rather music for the station OF sleep...

If you are interested in acts like RADIOHEAD and co. and never had been big fans of the old ULVER, than you might actually like this album, yet if the opposite is the case, then leave this album (which for its style surely isn't bad) where it is now and look elsewhere in the Metal-section...

Alexander Melzer

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