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Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy - Behind The Shadows (9/10) - Czech Republic - 2000

Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: Redblack Productions
Playing time: 51:16
Band homepage: Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy


  1. Wizard
  2. Garden
  3. The Last Place
  4. Old Women's Dance
  5. When Sun Rises For The Last Time
  6. Summoning Of The Muse
  7. Ghost
  8. Embrace Beyond
  9. Black Tunnel
  10. Shadow
  11. Cantara
  12. I Come And Stand At Every Door
Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy - Behind The Shadows
That's it! This sounds - different... This sounds - good!

The second album of Czech band SILENT STREAMS OF GODLESS ELEGY has something that most other bands out there just don't have. They have a violin on board, a cello, a whole lot of folk and the songs, well, they just sound different.

Already the opener "Wizard" excels in its quite wilful structure, an even more wilful melody-line, add to that the violin and the cello and the varied vocals, great, just plainly great! And the following "Garden" just continues in that vein, quiet doomy (Doom is the foundation on which the sextet builds its compositions), also with the strings, deep Death Metal-Growls, but also a rough clear voice, the beginning of this album is top-notch!

Also on the other songs SSOGE build on Doom, bring in folky melodies, vary the tempo and structure and violin and cello add some more originality to the whole sound. Also worth mentioning are the two DEAD CAN DANCE cover-versions "Summoning Of The Muse" (with very deep Death-Growls) and "Cantara". And at the very end there is yet another highlight waiting for us, "I Come And Stand At Every Door", also a cover (just by whom?). Borne by Zuzkas clear and powerful voice, plus cello, e-guitar and a very, very slow rhythm, this is pure atmosphere!

So, when you see this CD, then at least listen to it, but beware, there is a big danger of getting captured by it!

Alexander Melzer

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