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Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy - Themes (8/10) - Czech Republic - 2000

Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: Redblack Productions
Playing time: 50:54
Band homepage: Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy


  1. Lovin' On The Earth
  2. We Shall Go
  3. My Friend Who Doesn't Exist
  4. Theme I
  5. In Bone Frames
  6. Theme II
  7. Flowers Fade Away
  8. Eternal Cry Of Glory
  9. Theme III
  10. II TSOHG
  11. Winter Queen
  12. Hrob
Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy - Themes
The third album of the Czech Melodic Doomsters SILENT STREAMS OF GODLESS ELEGY has turned out to be a formidable one again, even though the critics did not exactly praise them too much, but they share this destiny with such brilliant acts like GODS TOWER or GORESLEEPS.

The foundation of the sextet's sound surely is Doom, but they also incorporate passages from Death Metal (especially with parts of the vocals), Slavonic folklore (including the frequently used violin and even a cello) and the melodic parts of Doom into their music, which makes as a whole fairly original to listen to. Add to that the quite big variety in vocals, reaching from Death-Growls over clean male to equally clean female voices.

The songs very often differ from the usual schemata in structure and melody-line. Listen to songs like "Lovin' On The Earth", "We Shall Go" or "Eternal Cry Of Glory" and you will readily admit that SSOGE just sound different.

But I also have to admit that the structure of a song like "My Friend Who Doesn't Exist" or parts of "II TSOHG" will meet only shaking heads by a lot of you, because especially this one really sounds quite weird, but that should not prevent you from checking out "Themes". But for SSOGE-newcomers I still would recommend to start with "Behind The Shadows", which undoubtedly is their masterpiece so far.

Alexander Melzer

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