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8 tablatures for Skyclad

Skyclad - Tracks From The Wilderness (8,5/10) - Great Britain - 1992

Genre: Folk Metal
Label: Noise Records
Playing time: 25:19
Band homepage: Skyclad


  1. Emerald
  2. A Room Next Door
  3. When All Else Fails
  4. The Declaration Of Indifference (Live)
  5. Spinning Jenny (Live)
  6. Skyclad (Live)
Skyclad - Tracks From The Wilderness
Yeeeeesss! This is SKYCLAD at their best: "Emerald"! But stop! Now it's getting confusing... This isn't even a SKYCLAD-song, this is THIN LIZZY!

Something like this could very well be the first reaction to many, who listen to the opener of the mini-CD "Tracks From The Wilderness" for the first time, because SKYCLAD couldn't have done the song better themselves, the guitar-sound, the violin and of course Martin Walkyiers characteristic voice make this song more SKYCLAD than SKYCLAD, so to say...

The two other new songs "A Room Next Door" and "When All Else Fails" seamlessly fit into the releases so far. While "A Room Next Door" starts out with acoustic guitars and clean vocals, in the middle the crunchy guitars and Martins usual voice set in, just to return to the serenity of the beginning towards the end. "When All Else Fails" is a good bit thrashier, musically as well as vocally.

The other three songs are live-tracks, which had been recorded in 1992 on Eindhoven's much-famed Dynamo-Open Air and have a very good sound indeed. The only thing missing is to be able to see SKYCLAD on stage, too, then it would almost be perfect...

You may think about mini-albums whatever you may, as long as songs from calibre of "Emerald" are contained, they absolutely have their raison d'etre!

Alexander Melzer

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