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Rhapsody - Dawn Of Victory (8/10) - Italy - 2000

Genre: Power Metal
Label: LMP
Playing time: 49:33
Band homepage: Rhapsody


  1. Lux Triumphans
  2. Dawn Of Victory
  3. Triumph For My Magic Steel
  4. The Village Of Dwarves
  5. Dargor, Shadowlord Of The Black Mountain
  6. The Bloody Rage Of The Titans
  7. Holy Thunderforce
  8. Trolls In The Dark
  9. The Last Winged Unicorn
  10. The Mighty Ride Of The Firelord
Rhapsody - Dawn Of Victory
For the third time already RHAPSODY offer is their (ATTENTION!) "Symphonic Epic Hollywood Metal". After the band with one of the idiotic style-descriptions ever couldn't really convince live, all eyes and ears where on this album, so let's put the corpus delicti into the player right away...

The first thing to notice is that the "Hollywood"-part, the bombast, has been reduced quite a lot, but still it is pure RHAPSODY, and that might actually be part of the problem of "Dawn Of Victory", but more about that later.

After the obligatory bombastic intro-instrumental "Lux Triumphans" the title-track offers us the expected furious, epic and top-quality opener, which will leave every RHAPSODY-maniac craving for more. Also the medieval-influenced "The Village Of Dwarves" and "Holy Thunderforce", which sees Fabio Lione excel with a completely unexpected vocal-line and -melody, also can fully convince with its epic and orchestral Power/Speed Metal with filigree guitar- and keyboard-work. So much for the credit side of "Dawn Of Victory".

The rest is, and this is the problem, RHAPSODY-standard, -STANDARD. Not much more, nothing really extraordinary anymore. The album is very good, without a doubt, but still the last something is somehow missing, that something that still had made the first two albums something very special...

Oh, and one more thing: Why is Alex Holzwarth in the booklet, completely with photo and everything, but under "guest-musicians" you suddenly can read "Drums: Thunderforce"? Strange, that...

Alexander Melzer

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