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Heresiarh - Mythical Beasts And Mediaeval Warfare (6,5/10) - Latvia - 2000

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Demolition Records
Playing time: 61:40
Band homepage: -


  1. All Hail The Wyverns
  2. Horns Of War
  3. Dragons Domain
  4. The Crownless King
  5. The Cruel Bard Suite
  6. Saga Of The Shield-maid Part I. Of Lament
  7. Saga Of The Shield-maid Part I. Of Her Triumph
  8. Higher Than Hills
  9. Trollstorm
  10. Aelfwine
  11. Wolfghosts (In Winter)
Heresiarh - Mythical Beasts And Mediaeval Warfare
Almost everywhere the Latvians of HERESIARH have beaten for their debut "Mythical Beasts And Mediaeval Warfare". I already know them since their excellent demo "Dragons Of War", which, with its awesome cover, won me over a few years back.

Well, as I had read that the sextet has had their debut out, I was excited, then I read the reviews and grew insecure... Now I hold the CD in my hands and it is far from the no-go many view it like.

Melodic Black Metal is combined with atmospheric passages, with (female) vocalist Rasa taking over quite a big part of the vocals, while Morgueldar Dragonseye with his grim voice rather stands back a bit.

Especially Rasa had been the target of quite harsh attacks. Sure, she doesn't compete in one class like Vibeke Stene, Sandra Schleret or Anneke van Giersbergen, but she also uses her voice differently, it suits the music anyway. But I also have to say that it doesn't always sound powerful and secure enough yet.

Unfortunately everything suffers a bit by the production, which takes away quite a bit of the necessary power, but still songs like "Horns Of War", which mixes a nice Melodic Black Metal-cocktail, "Dragons Domain" with its excellent melodic middle-part, the very variable and almost non-Black-Metalish "Higher Than Hills" and the medieval/folky influenced "Aelfwine", which sometimes reminds me a little of STORM, but then gets real Metallic again, show very clearly that HERESIARH are more than just another band that wants another piece of the cake.

The rest of the songs does, however, sound a bit immature still and drag down the overall impression, but still, don't let those other reviews fool you, give this band a chance, it's only their debut and the potential is clearly audible!

Alexander Melzer

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