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Quiet Room, The - Reconceive (7,5/10) - USA - 2000

Genre: Progressive Metal
Label: Metal Blade Records
Playing time: 55:03
Band homepage: -


  1. Suffercation
  2. Choke On Me
  3. Your Hate
  4. Reason For Change
  5. Realms Of Deceit
  6. Controlled Nation
  7. Room 15
  8. Less Then Zero
  9. Face the Judgement
  10. This Pain
  11. Two Minutes Hates
Quiet Room, The - Reconceive
USA's THE QUIET ROOM is a Progressive Metal-band that is like none other. If you were expecting a continuation of the band's debut "Introspect" ala QUEENSRYCHE-sound, you will be in for a big shock. The band sacking its whole percussive section plus vocalist before the recording of this CD for a totally new spin on the old Progressive Metal-landscape.

The change of sound in this band can be attributed to the new vocalist, Pete Jewell, who threw away the standard glass shattering high voice known in this genre for a crystal clear yell. And man, do the guitars follow without losing the Prog-element of the keys. "Reconceive" combines big bombastic, vicious riffs with classical keyboards that are not at all hidden behind the band's heavy sound. Songs are structured around the keys and followed by many time changes, resulting in a full, melodic and pleasurable piece of Prog.

Weird band, and just about the most aggressive Progressive Metal-act I've ever heard. THE QUIET ROOM have released two totally different albums in their short career. I for one look forward to more from this big six-piece from Colorado.

Peter Konstantatos

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