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Impaler - Rise Of The Mutants/If We Had Brains...We'd Be Dangerous (0/10) - USA - 2000

Genre: Horror Metal
Label: Root Of All Evil Records
Playing time: 53:15
Band homepage: Impaler


  1. Shock Rock
  2. Crack That Whip
  3. Impaler
  4. Heaven's Force
  5. Blood Bath
  6. Puppet Master
  7. City In Chains
  8. Wasteland
  9. Search And Destroy
  10. Assassin
  11. Speed Thrills
  12. Witch Queen
  13. Dancin' On The Edge
  14. Metal Messiah
  15. Vicious Dreams
  16. Island Of The Damned
  17. Who Runs The Asylum
  18. Breathing Down Your Back
Impaler - Rise Of The Mutants/If We Had Brains...We'd Be Dangerous

IMPALER - sounds like Death Metal of the brutal kind, right? Well, that's not exactly it, but what it actually is, I am not sure of either... OK, I'll let you in on a few details.

IMPALER call themselves "Shock Rock" and put together a very crude mixture from Punk, Rock and Metal, which is nothing, not Punk, not Rock, not Metal and even more so - not good!

This here are documents of their beginnings at the beginning of the Eighties, but when you listen to their new album "One Nation Under Ground", then IMPALER have gotten stuck in the absolute beginnings of their evolution (OK, you better shouldn't use this word as far as IMPALER are concerned).

Save the money, it would be a real waste...

Alexander Melzer

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