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Troll - Universal (3,5/10) - Norway - 2001

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Head Not Found
Playing time: 35:51
Band homepage: Troll


  1. Intro: My Sulphur Lover
  2. Rex Lamictal
  3. Sannhetens Plagiat
  4. President Besters Alimony
  5. Intermission 666
  6. Entering The Fluid Oxygen
  7. Color Of Evil
  8. Fields Of A New Sun
  9. Outro: Please The Pain
Troll - Universal
What has happened to TROLL? Of this once grim Black Metal-mob, which had called to battle against Christianity on their debut "Drep De Kristne"? Sure, it was childish, but they had still been children back then, yet talented ones. That album for sure is cult.

After that came a gruesome album titled "The Last Predators". Musically the Black Metal-influences still were there, but they sounded more modern, yes even electronic. And add terrible hysteric vocals by Nagash, who uttered similar sounds on The KOVENANT. And that hasn't changed on their latest effort "Universal".

Electronic sounds are dominating, the vocals are absolutely weird again. Better than on the predecessor, but still unnerving. The songs, partly, sound quite interesting, have good riffs and ideas, but those shitty vocals just make me vomit. Do not even touch it!

Ralf Henn

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