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Tyketto - Don't Come Easy (9/10) - USA - 1991

Genre: Melodic Metal
Label: DGC
Playing time: 46:57
Band homepage: -


  1. Forever Young
  2. Wings
  3. Burning Down Inside
  4. Seasons
  5. Standing Alone
  6. Lay Your Body Down
  7. Walk On Fire
  8. Nothing But Love
  9. Strip Me Down
  10. Sail Away
Tyketto - Don't Come Easy
Signed after one live-show only - no demo - no nothing...

I still vividly remember it, ten years ago in New York. On one of the countless tapes of my cousin I found a track titled "Forever Young" by a band named TYKETTO. Finest Melodic Metal, with compositional depth and brilliant vocals by ex-WAYSTED-fronter Danny Vaughan. I immediately knew, I need this one.

What followed then, was a kind of Tour de Queens, from record-shop to record-shop - "sold out", "will be in next week", "Tyketto?", those were the reactions. In the sixth shop finally - the last copy - I held "Don't Come Easy" in my hands, just one day before my flight back.

After landing this side of the Atlantic again and, against all odds, indeed surviving my horrible jetlag, I put the CD into my player and the New York-quartet confirmed the brilliance of the opening "Forever Young". From the beginning till the end great Melodic Metal, always catchy, but never shallow, with cleverly integrated acoustic guitars and exactly that amount of heaviness that an album of that style needs.

Songs like "Forever Young", the catchy "Wings", the ballad "Standing Alone" or the more crunchy "Strip Me Down", everything is top notch, so if you like this style and still don't have "Don't Come Easy", it's about time!

Alexander Melzer

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