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Skylark - Divine Gates Pt. II: Gate Of Heaven (7/10) - Italy - 2001

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Underground Symphony
Playing time: 51:55
Band homepage: Skylark


  1. Among The Gods
  2. Who Is God?
  3. Lady Of The Sky
  4. Monday 13 October
  5. Insanity Is The Truth
  6. The Guardian Angel
  7. The Heaven Church
  8. Last Christmas In Hell
  9. Outro
Skylark - Divine Gates Pt. II: Gate Of Heaven
SKYLARK are among the established acts of the Italian Bands, "Divine Gates Part II: Gate Of Heaven" being their fourth album to date. To lose many words about their style would be a waste of time - Italy - Power - Speed - any more questions?

So do SKYLARK differ from all the other bands? Yes. First of all, because their overall sound is different, especially in the arrangements, and secondly, because singer Fabio Dozzo unfortunately still uses his queaky high voice here and there, which destroys more than a bit of the good impression. When he uses his normal, deeper voice, it sounds excellent, but this way... But at least this has been minimised by now.

Eddy Antonini, band-founder, keyboarder, main-songwriter, producer and almost anything else in and around SKYLARK, puts a big emphasis on flowing compositions, which wriggle their way quite nicely into one's ear, just to stay there. "Lady Of The Sky" (with TIME MACHINE-vocalist Folco Orlandini), "The Guardian Angel" or "The Heaven Church" (Rob Tyrant of LABYRINTH takes over the lead vocals here) are quite good examples for that.

Power/Speed isn't put onto a new original level, it's the typical Italo-sound, but along with bands like RHAPSODY, LABYRINTH, and in some distance also DRAKKAR and DOMINE, SKYLARK are among the leading bands of this style and no matter what the others will have to criticise again, I like this album.

Alexander Melzer

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