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Vintersorg - Cosmic Genesis (8/10) - Sweden - 2000

Genre: Folk Metal
Label: Napalm Records
Playing time: 50:16
Band homepage: Vintersorg


  1. Astral and Arcane
  2. Algol
  3. A Dialouge With The Stars
  4. Cosmic Genesis
  5. Om Regnbagen Materialiserades
  6. Ars Memorativa
  7. Rainbow Demon
  8. Naturens Galleri
  9. The Enigmatic Spirit
Vintersorg - Cosmic Genesis
From the pasture to the outer limits…

Haha, that sounded kinda cool, eh? Well, it also makes a bit of sense if you apply that remark in comparison with VINTERSORG's '99 release, "Ödemarkens Son" with their latest outing, "Cosmic Genesis".

Although this album remains signature VINTERSORG, there are also many new and experimental elements that appear within the margins of "Cosmic Genesis". As the title may perhaps indicate, there are several electronic tinkerings to be found, but not to be scoffed at. The mere mention of the word "electronic" can send some thrashers into a fit of disgust, but let me assure you that the select passages are done so in good taste, and even contribute a great deal in conjunction with the theme of the album.

But as I've said here, the album is undoubtedly and naturally VINTERSORG. The folk-inspired writing is ever present, as is the mirror-like Black Metal-flip side which contrasts, yet coincides with the musical variety that every VINTERSORG-fan has come to expect.

One thing I have really come to enjoy about VINTERSORG, is their sound and production. Instead of going for the easy kill with heavy as Devy, crunchy as the Cap'n production, VINTERSORG opt for more of an old school-rock/hard rock-tone. Some more sustain would have been nice, but the sound in general comes across as quite stripped down, and natural. To me, that's what VINTERSORG is all about.

Oh, and before I forget (as if!), Vintersorg's (the man) vocals are fucking amazing! I don't know how, but he managed to improve a great deal from the terrific job he did on "Ödemarkens Son". Everyone has heard great vocalists in Metal before, but this guy sings with an unrivaled passion. That's not to say he's better than every vocalist out there, but it certainly sounds as if he sings more so from the heart than anyone I've heard behind the mic.

Fade to Black: Great album for those who enjoy quality and craftsmanship. Everything from the artwork to the core of the CD is worth any serious thrasher's attention.

Carl Wood

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