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Manowar - Fighting The World (10/10) - USA - 1987

Genre: Power Metal
Label: ATCO
Playing time: 34:52
Band homepage: Manowar


  1. Fighting The World
  2. Blow Your Speakers
  3. Carry On
  4. Violence And Bloodshed
  5. Defender
  6. Drums Of Doom
  7. Holy War
  8. Master Of Revenge
  9. Black Wind, Fire And Steel
Manowar - Fighting The World
As I dug through my CD-collection again, my eyes fell onto "Fighting The World", the 1987-opus of our fur-pants-wearing friends from the US of A. Nice, haven't listened to that one in a while, so into my rucksack and off to work. You know, at work I can play music as much and as loud as I want to and that's just what MANWAR is best at, so into the CD-player, crank it up and...

Yes, I really asked myself, why I had not listened to this CD in such a long time. This is Metal as it should be. As cliché-ridden and ridiculous as those four guys sometimes are, this album is first crop. Energetic, great riffs, the incarnation of a vocal-god in Eric Adams and of course a whole bunch of the best Metal-songs that ever have seen the light of this planet. With "Carry On", "Defender" and "Black Wind, Fire And Steel" there are three immortal classics on this album, which, to quote MANWAR, truly deserve their place in the Olymp of Metal. Brothers, this Metal that has been forged with sweat and heart-blood really blows you out of your fur-boots. Stomping rhythms, screeching guitars, the divine vocals of Eric Adams, if you're into Metal, you just have to love it.

More than once I caught myself singing along loudly (of course at "Defender", where else ;) and after the umpteenth rotation the lyrics also are OK, something different just won't fit the music. Sure, the playing time for not even 35 minutes for nine songs is rather skimpy, but hey, then you can listen to this CD twice, eh? The sound also, for the fact that this opus is entering its 14th year now, is absolutely OK. The bass is thundering, guitars drill them into your mind and what little is left of it will be destroyed by the crystal-clear voice of Eric Adams.

So, brothers, put this CD into your player, get a tankard of beer, lean back and just let these gods of Metal made flesh run you over. And to end in style with the words of somebody, who has to know: "We are unworthy, we are dust, we are ashes!" (Wayne Campbell)

Manuel Inhester

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