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14 tablatures for Type O Negative

Type O Negative - October Rust (10/10) - USA - 1996

Genre: Melodic Metal
Label: Roadrunner Records
Playing time: 73:00
Band homepage: Type O Negative


  1. Love You To Death
  2. Be My Druidess
  3. Green Man
  4. Red Water(Christmas Mourning)
  5. My Girlfriends Girlfriend
  6. Die With Me
  7. Burnt Flowers Fallen
  8. In Praise Of Bacchus
  9. Cinnamon Girl
  10. The Glorious Liberation Of The People's Technocratic Republic Of Vinnland By The Combined Forces Of The United Territories of Europa
  11. Wolf Moon
  12. Haunted
Type O Negative - October Rust

To reflect the emotional nature of winter through music is not unknown in the fascinating world of Metal. After all, bands like IMMORTAL, DARKTHRONE, and LIMBONIC ART have magnificently captured the cruel and unrelenting essence of Scandinavia's darkest season on their records. However, the representation of autumn's vivid and mysterious aspects in a set of hymns has been an accolade unattained by any band. But not any more, for the Brooklyn trolls have manifested my favourite time of the year in one brilliant masterpiece: "October Rust".

This album brings forth a much more mature TYPE O than its predecessor, "Bloody Kisses", did. All Punk- and Hardcore-influences have been abolished from the way of a refined Gothic-sound. Even though some hardliners might argue that the band has resorted to conformist solutions while rendering the melodic landscape of "October Rust", I wish to differ in opinion. Sure, songs like "Love You To Death" and "Die With Me" lack the harsh and foreboding quality of "Kill All The White People" or "We Hate Everyone", but isn't continuous evolution the key to success and versatility? And while "Red Water (Christmas Mourning)" might seem sluggish enough to be a lullaby, it is still a fabulous depiction of TYPE O's definitive sound: buzzing guitars, excessive use of keyboards, and Peter Steele's haunting wail.

In addition to musical developments, "October Rust" offers the listener a more balanced entity of audible art. The tracklist is a storyline, stretching from the first ides of autumn ("Love You To Death", "Be My Druidess") all the way to November snowfall ("Wolf Moon", "Haunted"). One can actually picture the dead leaves and barren tree trunks of Central Park while listening to "Burnt Flowers Fallen" or "In Praise Of Bacchus". The season of mist which dwells within these 15 tracks can be described only as pure genius.

So, next time you grow tired of drowning in black candle wax, take a walk in the woods by nightfall. Or better yet, listen to "October Rust" and discover the moonclad forest within your heart.

Guest Reviewer Daniel Sankala

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