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Mirror Of Deception - Mirrorsoil (8,5/10) - Germany - 2001

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Iron Glory Records
Playing time: 44:25
Band homepage: Mirror Of Deception


  1. Asylum
  2. Veil Of Lead
  3. Weiss
  4. Sole
  5. Be Kept In Suspense
  6. Dreams Of Misery
  7. Cease
  8. Float
Mirror Of Deception - Mirrorsoil
After several demos we now finally have the first full-length-album of German Doomsters MIRROR OF DECEPTION. Doom is not a music for everybody, because it's honest, completely untrendy, minimalistic, yet very passionate and sometimes a bit odd. The stuff on this CD also is for a smaller, yet hand-picked audience, which will hold this album in highest esteem for sure.

Listening closely, MIRROR OF DECEPTION don't sound that weird after all. The vocals, e.g., are not typically Metal. Who doesn't like those high-pitched vocals, should find the right one here. The deep, lachrymose voice has a slight Alternative-touch and sounds pretty original. The songs, all of them very emotional, are ultry-heavy and in most cases lava-like, just like the real Doom should sound like. Very thought-through and with surprising twists and turns, the songs just drill their way through your ears. (For me) they always remain understandable and I would wish the guys that "Mirrorsoil" will find the buyers it deserves.

They won't get into the charts, but at least they will get some great reviews, deservedly. You almost have to describe bands like this as "exotic", because I am sure that it would be a whole lot easier to produce some trendy, flavour-of-the-day music. MIRROR OF DECEPTION will have their own definition of "success", for sure a different one than Britney Spears and co. They are idealists, but consequently pull through! As long as there are bands like this, "our" Metal will always remain fresh and interesting!

Ralf Henn

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