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Jorn - Worldchanger (8,5/10) - Norway - 2001

Genre: Melodic Metal
Label: Frontiers Records
Playing time: 42:25
Band homepage: Jorn


  1. Tungur Knivur
  2. Sunset Station
  3. Glow In The Dark
  4. House Of Cards
  5. Bless The Child
  6. Captured
  7. Worldchanger
  8. Christine
  9. Bridges Will Burn
Jorn - Worldchanger

Norwegian Jørn Lande by now has grown into a fix factor of the Metal-scene, after his works with VAGABOND, ARK and MILLENNIUM, to mention but three, it had been mostly the exquisite "The Devil's Hall Of Fame" of BEYOND TWILIGHT that was his rise to fame. Now "Worldchanger" is his second solo-album, uniting only the best of all these bands in one CD.

Among others supported by drum-legend Jan Aksel (most probably better known as Hellhammer) the Norwegian has manifested heavy, melodic Doom-steamers ("Tungur Knivur", "Glow In The Dark"), progressive tracks ("Bless The Child" (partly really super-heavy!), "Captured"), great ballads ("House Of Cards") and excellent Melodic Metal-crackers ("Sunset Station", "Bridges Will Burn") within the nine compositions of "Worldchanger", which all can, well, have to be viewed as great representatives of their respective genres. While with many other artists so diverse styles on one album have to be viewed as loss of orientation, it here only shows the versatility of this vocalist, who manages aggression just as well as velvety passages.

Basically "Worldchanger" is no solo-album in its feared sense, i.e. some kind of showcase of his own abilities only, but let's rather view it as a band named JORN, so all sceptics towards solo-albums (like myself), do not fear, you get only good to great songs and music!

Alexander Melzer

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