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Crystal Eyes - In Silence They March (6,5/10) - Sweden - 2001

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Shark Records
Playing time: 62:19
Band homepage: Crystal Eyes


  1. Time Flight
  2. Cursed And Damned
  3. Sons Of Odin
  4. The Grim Reaper's Fate
  5. The Undead King
  6. In Silence They March
  7. Adrian Blackwood
  8. Witch Hunter
  9. The Rising
  10. Knights Of Prey
  11. Somewhere Over The Sun
  12. Winternight
Crystal Eyes - In Silence They March
For the second time the Swedes of CRYSTAL EYES are offering us their Power Metal and just as many times I've not been impressed. The first impression had been a really good one, because an artwork by Kristian Whlin usually is almost enough to get me on your side, but what is covered by it mostly is just average.

No, you cannot accuse CRYSTAL EYES of being bad musicians, far from it, or as weak song-writers, but it takes more to stand out from the vast ocean of similar-sounding bands than to play just that kind of Power Metal, which is quite successful at the moment, yet is over-played, some call it "Happy Metal"...

The opener "Time Flight" is just that, light and swift, doesn't hurt anybody, but unfortunately doesn't have much depth either, just like most of the other compositions just lack that substance. Only two songs can be mentioned as absolute positive exceptions, "Sons Of Odin", which, suiting the name, has that certain Viking Metal-flair and "Witch Hunter", which is coming over in a bit slower mid-tempo, with an excellent riff, somehow conjuring up some "Headless Cross"-feeling.

Die-hard-fans of this sub-genre will get a really solid album in "In Silence They March", all those, who are still searching for something special should keep on looking...

Alexander Melzer

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