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Vader - De Profundis (9/10) - Poland - 1995

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Pavement
Playing time: 33:53
Band homepage: Vader


  1. Silent Empire
  2. An Act Of Darkness
  3. Blood Of Kingu
  4. Incarnation
  5. Sothis
  6. Revolt
  7. Of Moon, Blood, Dream And Me
  8. Vision And The Voice
  9. Reborn In Flames
Vader - De Profundis
This is one of the heaviest, fastest, most KICK ASS Metal-albums I've ever heard. It isn't melodic in the least, but melody isn't VADER'S forte. VADER are the gods (in my opinion) of outright brutal Metal. I'm sure many of you disagree with me, citing some Grindcore-band as being heavier, and more ferocious than VADER. The thing is, these Polish masters play like maniacs, but I never feel like they've lost control of the song, something that happens to me often with extreme bands.

The vocals are excellent, they fit with the music, they are intelligible, which is a bonus, because I for one find it nice to occasionally understand some lyrics, and they are pure Metal! The guitar playing is superb, flawless, engaging, and it demands to be air-guitar-ed to. The drumming… ohhhh baby, the drumming is godly! Unbelievably fast, and Doc knows exactly how to accentuate the music with the drums, instead of just bashing away. If "Sothis" doesn't cause you to headbang uncontrollably, something is wrong.

"De Profundis" is a massive slab of kick ass, catchy, fast-as-hell, BRUTAL METAL that is an essential addition to any Metal fan's collection. Every second of this CD is awesome, don't pass it up.

Trevor Johnston

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